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The Curse Of Robert (2016) REVIEW

"The Curse Of Robert" is an independent British horror film from director Andrew Jones. Released only this month (September 2016), this follow up to Jones' 2015 effort "Robert" came in #1 in the UK DVD charts. Apparently some strange people, like myself, still buy DVDs! Check out the trailer:

Doll related horror films! They've seen a resurgence in recent years with films like "Annabelle" and "The Boy", here we have a fresh British offering to this sub-genre, little red headed Robert. Could he be the British answer to the horror icon that is Chucky? No, is the simple answer. However I'm not sure director Andrew Jones had the intention of rivalling Chucky. "The Curse Of Robert" bring a gritty and almost down to earth quality to this habitually over the top genre that only a British horror could (I say almost down to earth, we're still talking about a killer doll guys.). I'm afraid that's about as positive as this review is going to get, buckle in boys.

The overall plot is pretty thin and cliché, possessed doll, kills people for virtually no reason; our little friend Robert doesn't seem to have an end game!

There is a small attempt at making the plot deeper with references to the previous film (Robert 2015). Unfortunately these references have no bearing on the story arc what's so ever. The acting quality is a small port in a storm for this film, however due to the plot or lack there of, its almost impossible to feel any connection to these characters when they're getting off'd! In fairness to Andrew Jones, to make two films out of very little "based on a true story" source material may be the reason for such thin plots.

The worst part about this film is regrettably the killing scenes (the massive body count of 4). Robert essentially looks as of he's being held and shook above his victims. These scenes really take away from Robert's genuinely creepy ascetic, another saving grace of this film. The shots when Robert isn't moving are creepier than the ones in which he is.

The best way I could describe the majority of "The Curse Of Robert" is like watching a soap opera with a killer doll appearing now and again. The film really should feature more of its star doll and less cliché dialogue between characters that, lets be honest, no one watching cares about.

Other than Robert's creepy look and the decent acting, watching this film truly felt like a curse.

The tagline reads "Chucky and Annabelle were scary, Robert is your worst nightmare" and I couldn't agree more.

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